Belfast, Maine is one of 35 of the world’s best places to travel in 2017 according to Matador Network

With only 4 spots in the USA making the list Belfast is honored to be one of them. Matador network said:

Scenic seaport on Penobscot Bay, loaded with architectural treasures and historic districts

Belfast is known for welcoming the back-to-the-land movement of the ’70s. It gets a lot of credit for the craft beers of Marshall Wharf,  Delvino’s authentic Italian food, served in an old hardware store, and the many local farmers who’ve taken the torch from those revolutionary back-to-the-landers and are fueling the city’s sustainable food movement.

 Maine doesn’t necessarily call attention to itself. It’s a pretty big state, but not a populous one. There’s intense and beautiful wilderness, but it won’t exactly swallow you whole. Maine just is…and maybe that’s its biggest draw.

There’s a message on the state welcome signs that sums it up: “The way life should be.” A Maine life is a life that’s connected to nature. It’s a life that’s unpretentious and a life that’s independent.

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